Orcs of Stonefang

A Stand in the Gatehouse

After fighting their way into the pass, the team finds themselves at the gatehouse that controls access deeper into the pass. The way forward was blocked by a huge stone slab that the fleeing dwarves had dropped to cut themselves off from the pursuing orcs.

The team makes their way into the heart of the gatehouse, fighting through defenders and disarming traps, and finally discover the mechanism to open the gate. However, when they open it, a horde of orcs pours through. Alerted by a teammate, the party re-arms the traps and takes refuge behind a portcullis, using the traps that had just attacked them to ward off their attackers. They bottlenecked the orcs in the narrow passage and picked them off one by one.

Exhausted but victorious, the team re-closed the gate and rested in the now-safe gatehouse.



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