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Expel the Orcs from Stonefang Pass
Retrieve Flinka’s Sending Stone

Current Groups:

Kim’s Group:

  • Mike
  • Geoff
  • Mark
  • Joe
  • Duncan

Andrew’s Group:

  • Peter
  • Raven
  • Kane
  • Tom
  • Avelyn

House Rules

The Awesome Award

Players in Kim’s group choose the recipient of that week’s Awesome Award at the end of each session. The Awesome Award could be given for some great roleplaying, a clever strategic move, an extra-funny moment, or anything else that made that game session awesome for the entire group.

Each session, the recipient of the Awesome Award from the previous week may choose an Awesome Talisman from the Box of Awesome. Each Talisman grants some beneficial effect. For more details, see The Awesome Award.

Main Page

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